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Before signing a Gym Contract

Before signing a fitness club / gym contract ask if you can take it home so that you may read it over carefully. If while going over it you read that it will.

A. lock you into a membership for a specific period of time.

B. Charge an annual gym improvement fee for equipment upgrades.

C. Charge an early termination fee.

D. Needs proof that you have moved more than x number of miles away from any one of their locations in order to cancel your membership.

E. Needs for you to provide them with a Doctors note stating that you are unable to use the gym due to a medical condition.

F. Needs for you to cancel your membership via certified mail.

Take it, tear it up, and look for another gym to workout in. It is their responsibility to earn your business every month. You should be able to cancel your membership for any reason. Just keep in mind that it is common courtesy to give your gym at least 30 days notice before canceling your membership.

By the way. If the best thing you like about your gym is the price, then you are in the wrong gym.

Workout with Purpose™

If the best thing about your gym is the price, then you are in the wrong gym.

Finding a suitable place to workout can be hard.

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