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Training Hard vs Training skill

Here’s the deal. Anyone can train to a point where they can barely move the next day, going beyond muscle soreness and diving right into joint pain. What’s the take away? Many people refuse to listen to their bodies when it is time to stop their workout. A training skill is developed by understanding how your body will respond to various loads and forces as well as knowing when to take time to recover and rest. There are many training facilities out there that look for ways to make your workout so hard that it can break you in the process. Before you do anything that has to do with training and conditioning always ask the instructor/trainer/coach why are we doing this exercise and what is the benefit. I was told long ago, that all because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Workout with purpose.

If the best thing about your gym is the price, then you are in the wrong gym.

Finding a suitable place to workout can be hard.

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